On-demand webinar

eCommerce strategy: designing experiences that inspire conversions

February 23rd | 3:00 pm ET (USA)

The online customer experience is the new frontline where sales conversions and brand loyalty are won. With the widespread adoption of eCommerce, brands are doing more to win the hearts of customers, demonstrating value beyond product details, price and convenience. The best sellers are building experiences that tap into the emotional, social or economic goals of the customer, creating long-term loyalty and further solidifying the customer's purchase decision.

Join DynamicWeb for a webinar on February 23rd as we take a look at new-age eCommerce experiences and conversion tactics that can boost your brand in even the most crowded markets.

We'll discuss:

  • Demonstrating customer value beyond product data
  • Building in-context commerce experiences
  • Tactics to immediately boost onsite conversions
  • Tailoring checkout processes to vertical requirements
  • Why DynamicWeb
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