ActionSportGames (ASG)

B2B eCommerce portal with NAV integration and product recommendation

The new B2B eCommerce portal includes user-friendly tools, which makes the transactions between ASG, their dealers, and their customers more agile and less time-consuming.

ActionSportGames (ASG) is a leading producer and distributor of soft guns for sports and hobby use. Their products are sold worldwide through a network of dealers, shops, and distributors.

The Challenge

ASG previously received approximately 30% of their total orders through their B2B eCommerce solution, but wanted a new platform capable of increasing the online order amount. The key to success was improved customer service and experience through automation.

The Solution

The new DynamicWeb B2B eCommerce portal includes new functionality and user-friendly tools, making it more convenient and appealing for customers to place their orders online.

The ease-of-use makes the transactions between ASG, their dealers, and their customers more agile and less time consuming. Among other features, the new ‘copy/paste’ function enables dealers to add specific item numbers, quantities and comments – straight from Excel to the shopping cart.

Finally, the new solution includes Raptor Product Recommendation software, which is fully automated and uses intelligent algorithms to collect data on customer behavior and preferences. Raptor then uses the data for generating additional cross – and up-selling by displaying related products on the front-page, on the customers’ “My Page” and during checkout.

The Result

The new ASG B2B eCommerce portal is lightning fast, stable, and continually updated with new features and functionality for improving the overall user experience. The DynamicWeb turnkey solution ensured rapid implementation based on best-practice eCommerce and integration software and allows ASG to add their personal touch to the solution. Combined with the SOLR search engine, which instantly displays relevant search results, ASG have managed to increase their initial goal by increasing the average order size and improving their bottom line.


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