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DynamicWeb Roadmap

This is the DynamicWeb Roadmap - a general, high-level, overview of features our development team is currently working on, as well as features that are in our future pipeline.

The Roadmap offers insight into where our composable commerce platform is going and what state the different features are currently in.


If you are looking for documentation and latest releases, please visit our dedicated doc sites for DynamicWeb 9 or DynamicWeb 10.

In Progress

"In progress" refers to features that are currently in development.


”Future” refers to features that are currently in a discovery phase exploring potential and value. Not in development.

The DynamicWeb Roadmap: Last updated on August 31, 2023

In progress

Finalize and mature DynamicWeb 10

  • We're dividing the coming releases of DynamicWeb 10 into three waves to maintain continuity and improve communication. As part of this process, we’ll also update the new documentation site. See details on the new DynamicWeb 10 documentation site here.​
  • Target release: H2, 2023

Enhanced Headless

  • We are adding more functionality to headless endpoints to support more DynamicWeb features, including Payment Gateways and Customer Center.​
  • Target release: H2, 2023

OData templates for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

  • Best practice mappings for DynamicWeb and Business Central providing a head start in the integration project. Only for DynamicWeb 10.​­­­­
  • Target release: End of H2, 2023


Configurable discount and pricing rules

  • Enabling setup of advanced discount and pricing rules directly in DynamicWeb without having to do custom coding.

Live integration with OData

  • As SOAP technology is being deprecated by Microsoft, we need to have a new version of Live integration working with OData.​

AI Product Enrichment

  • Enables automatic data enrichment for products based on AI.​

App Store Partner Feeds

  • Makes it easier for partners to install, update, maintain 'own build customizations / add on' as well as use them across multiple solutions.​

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