Savage Gear

Content and fan site generate 20,000 new email subscribers within the first 14 days

Engaging content and fan site for Savage Gear users across the globe, featuring their product catalogue, tips & tricks, fishing competitions and much more.

Savage Gear is a sporting goods company specialized in fishing tackle. They market 15 well know brands including Ron Thompson, Okuma and Savage Gear across Europe and USA and are today among the biggest suppliers in Europe.

The Challenge

Strenghtening online brand awareness

Savage Gear wants to strengthen their brand and create a hub where they are in more direct contact with their customers.

The goal is to direct a lot of traffic from Facebook, YouTube etc. to their own site where all the content is collected.

Primary reasons being to gain more information and data about their users enabling Savage Gear to target their marketing even more.

Also the site will be launched at some point as an eCommerce store in USA.

The Solution

Content is key

The new brand site for Savage Gear has a raw feel based on a tabloid design that works well with the target audience and the raw looking product line.

The site offers users to sign up for free to get access to exclusive members content that otherwise is marked as restricted content. Content is key for Savage Gear's marketing strategy and the goal is to show related content and products no matter if the user visits a content or product site. Ex. for blogs a product row with products featured in the article is shown, and for product pages articles, videos etc. are shown in which the current selected product is featured.

To attract even more visitors to the site and more to sign up – they have developed a competition section called “The Savage Wall Of Fame”. The site offers the users to sign up for quarterly fishing competitions showing off their latest and biggest catches and to win exclusive products.

Even-though e-commerce is not part of the first launch, the site is prepared so e-com can be launched in USA. The signup form allows the users to select their area of passion and preferred fish to catch. In this way Savage Gear can direct offers, content etc. using the built-in e-mail marketing module in DynamicWeb.

The Result

20,000 new email subscribers within the first 14 days

The expected result is to increase traffic to their site and to enlist more users in their members section. Not to mention create more engagement between the brand and customers.

In March 2020, the site will be recognized in Angling International. Angling International is the fastest-growing magazine for the global fishing tackle industry.

Not at least due to Savage Gear large numbers of SoMe followers (approximatey 3.000.000 followers on 140 pages) and the effort into capitalize on this, by converting these followers to an efficient and user-friendly Angling Hub. Almost 20,000 email subscribers was achieved within the first 14 days, and only the sky seem to be the limit here.


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