International B2C ecommerce solution increase revenue by 400% and conversions by 90%

New multilingual ecommerce solution that contains just the right mix of branding and ecommerce capabilities providing international customers with full access to all Scanpan products.

Scanpan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of PFOA-free non-stick kitchen products as they export to over 50 countries worldwide. Research and development is an integral part of Scanpans business, and the company is a pioneer in relation to innovation and technology.

The Challenge

Scanpan has experienced a strong and continuous international demand for their popular products, but the previous ecommerce solution was only capable of selling to the Danish market.

The Solution

Scanpan and DynamicWeb partner, No Zebra, has launched a new multilingual ecommerce solution based on the DynamicWeb platform. In addition to the shop, Scanpan use the DynamicWeb marketing capabilities combined with DynamicWeb Items to increase traffic and activity on the website through engaging content.

The combination enables Scanpan to provide all current and potential customers with a consistent and targeted information flow. The DynamicWeb setup makes it easy for editors to create and publish new content and to send out newsletters through pre-defined templates.

The Result

As a first step, US customers now have full online access to all Scanpan products and the company is planning to expand with additional markets in the near future.

Scanpan now has an international ecommerce solution developed in responsive design that contains just the right mix of branding and ecommerce capabilities. Based on the targeted efforts Scanpan has boosted their online sales. Revenue has increased by more than 400% as customers around the world start placing more and more online orders.

The whole website has been thoroughly tested to optimize user-friendliness, which has increased the amount of orders by 344% and the average order value by 33%. On top of that, the new online marketing efforts have improved conversions with more than 90%, and No Zebra is continuously working to improve the numbers by optimizing Google AdWords and SEO efforts.

In less than three months, No Zebra has developed an international ecommerce solution that meets all of our expectations regarding sales and performance. Technology, design and online marketing all comes together perfectly, and we look forward to expanding our new solution to even more countries.

Lone Torsbjerg Møller, Marketing Coordinator, Scanpan


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