PIM Project Estimator

Have you decided that you are going to implement a Product Information Management solution in your business? A good place to start is an estimation of the hours that your PIM project is going to take up.

Fill out the form and include these important variables to estimate your PIM project hours.

  • SKU's: A SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit. The total number of SKU's is the number of products on the lowest level, such as variants, that should be maintained in PIM.

  • Product attributes: A product attribute is an additional characteristic of a product that is not part of the product description. The total number of product attributes is the sum of all attributes across the product portfolio.

  • Main groups: A main group is a product group that contains sub groups, which contain products. An example off a product main group could be 'clothing'. 

  • Sub groups: Sub groups refer to the specific groups within the main groups. Following the example above: Your main group is 'male clothing'. Your sub groups could then be defined as: shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. 

  • Product variants: A combintation of products for examle those that have different colors and sizes. 

  • Data sources: The number of data sources that are relevant for the import of products/attributes/variant dimensions into DynamicWeb PIM. Possible data sources could be the ERP system, Excel-sheets, suppliers' databases, etc. 

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